February 2, 2022

Did you know that using a dishwasher saves water, reduces energy consumption and is far more hygienic and effective than hand dishwashing?

The University of Bonn Germany is one of the world’s leading research based universities. In 2011 the university did a study of the advantages or otherwise of using a dishwasher as opposed to washing dishes by hand.


Save water with a Kleenmaid dishwasher

The research concluded that the average dishwasher used 15 to 22 litres of water to do the same wash load that 103 litres of water would do when washing by hand.  103 litres seems a lot but when you take into account practices such as pre-rinsing, periodic water changes, and post rinsing, the amount of water used does add up. The 103 litres also takes into account that we generally wash up by hand after each meal as opposed to stacking the dishwasher and washing once at the conclusion of the day.

According to  Australia’s water efficiency labeling scheme WELS, Kleenmaid dishwashers use on average between 11.3 and 12.6 litres of water  and have up to a 5 star water rating.* The comparisons and water savings are much better with Kleenmaid dishwashers than those of the report as the dishwashers that were tested were using 15 plus litres of water.

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Reduce energy costs with a Kleenmaid dishwasher

Depending on the brand and models used, the Bonn report suggested energy savings of up to 60% when a dishwasher instead of hand washing.

Kleenmaid dishwashers have 3.5 star energy ratings, meaning they are very energy efficient.

Using a November 2013 Energy Australia electrical bill, we can calculate that to run a Kleenmaid dishwasher costs as little as 18 cents for electricity per wash. Depending on your electricity plan and the chosen wash cycle, energy costs will vary between 18 and 50 cents per wash.

More hygiene and a better finish with a Kleenmaid dishwasher


According to the Bonn report, dishwashers effectively kill more bacteria than washing dishes by hand. With the Kleenmaid 70° Celsius Hygienic Sanitation rinse option you not only get a fantastic sparkling clean finish you can be sure of a super hygienic outcome.

Generally dishwashers rely on the residual heat within the cleaned crockery and utensils to provide for the drying process.

The hotter the rinse, the better the finish and the greater the hygiene!

The Kleenmaid 70° Celsius Hygienic Sanitation rinse option enhances the drying process and facilitates a great finish.

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