February 2, 2022

Kleenmaid Induction Cooktops Self Protect from “Dirty Power”

You may be familiar with some of the current Australian energy supply ‘dirty power’ problems. These include low power factor, voltage variations, frequency variations, and surges. They are further compounded by solar power ‘feed-in’ installations, proximity to high-powered equipment and the distance to transformers or the supply network. Natural phenomena such as lightning strikes also play havoc.

All these things are detrimental to the operation of household electrical appliances and can result in blown boards which are expensive to replace. All Australian appliance brands have been wearing the consequences of this for some time.

Induction cooktop

Australian standard supply voltage is 230 volts with a tolerance of +10% and -6%. Power spikes above the voltage standard can cause damage to many electrical appliances such as induction cooktops.

Voltage power guard

What’s the answer? Kleenmaid’s Voltage Power Guard.      

Kleenmaid Induction cooktops include advanced ‘dirty power’ protection technology, known as Voltage Power Guard.

The Voltage Power Guard system:

  • Continuously monitors the mains supply detecting frequency and voltage variations from the standard.
  • Automatically reduces the power drawn by the cooktop during periods of mains power over-voltage or wave form anomalies. This power reduction is generally unnoticed by the user of the cooktop.
  • Shuts down the cooktop during sustained periods of mains power irregularities.

These technical advancements greatly reduce the chance of a Kleenmaid induction cooktop experiencing major damage from these dirty power issues and are yet another reason Kleenmaid appliances are, the best you can own.

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