Gas, Electric Ceramic and Induction Cooktops ranging from 60cm, 90cm and 110cm all with the latest European safety features and advanced cooking functions to ensure you can cook to perfection.

Choosing the right cook top for you and your family.

Getting the right cooktop is essential as a cooktop is generally the most utilised inbuilt appliance in your kitchen. There are essentially three fuel types to choose from when selecting a cooktop, Gas, Electric Ceramic and Induction and in our range, models vary from 60cm, 90cm and 110cm.

Gas, Electric Ceramic, or Induction which is best?

Gas is the most traditional however the more technically advanced Electric Ceramic and Induction cooktops provide features such as cooking timers, pre-set precise temperature settings along with highly refine automatic cooking functions.

Cleaning Electric Ceramic and Induction cooktops is a breeze as you are simply wiping a smooth glass surface. However, the introduction of Kleenmaid’s, Gas on Black Glass collection overcomes the normal messy business of cleaning a traditional stainless steel gas cooktop.

All Kleenmaid gas cooktops come ready to install for use with Natural Gas and all include an LPG conversion kit if needed. Each of our gas cooktops use Italian, Energy Efficient Burners which produce more heat at less cost.

Induction cooktops work via a magnetic influence that heats only the cookware not the cooktop. The benefits of induction cooktops are that they are very efficient, quick to cook and produce little heat in the kitchen.

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