Culinary Drawers


The next generation in warming drawers engineered to not only warm cups and plates but also proof bread dough, defrost, function as a slow cooker and keep food warm, all at variable temperature settings and monitored by a digital timer.

The next generation in Warming Drawers, are the Kleenmaid Culinary Drawers.

Warming drawers have traditionally been used exclusively to warm plates and cups for serving, however at Kleenmaid we have taken the warming drawer to a new level and created what we term the Culinary Drawer as it does much more than just warm.

The new look warming drawer is now a versatile kitchen appliance.

Due to the Kleenmaid Culinary drawer having an adjustable range of temperatures from 40°C - 80°C, it can be employed to proof bread dough, warm plates and cups, safely keep food warm, and gently defrost frozen foods.

Plus, a slow cooker at 80°C

At its maximum temperature setting of 80°C the Culinary drawer can be used as slow cooker. As the drawer has the functionality to time your operation you can set it an forget.

Time settings ranges from 1 hour to 6 hours and the temperatures settings can be adjusted in 5-degree increments.

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