Energy efficient free standing under bench, semi integrated and fully integrated dishwashers with large capacities and multiple special functions for quick washing, and hygienic sanitation. Ensuring crystal clean crockery, pots and glassware with the added benefits of ultra-dry finishing and whisper quiet performance.

Don’t waste water and hand wash, save the environment and use a dishwasher.

Washing dishes by hand uses much more water than using a Kleenmaid dishwasher which, depending on the model, only uses between 10.5 litres to 11.8 litres per wash. These low water usage rates see Kleenmaid dishwashers approved with 3 and 4 star water ratings.

Low water consumption is only half the story, our fully integrated, semi integrated and freestanding premium dishwasher models proudly carry 4 star energy ratings, meaning they are very economical to operate.

Long warrantees and superior performance.

Each dishwasher in the Kleenmaid range comes with a 5 year warranty however the BLDC, Brushless Direct Current motors in the premium range are covered by an industry best 10 dishwasher motor warranty. 

With whisper quiet operation of between 45dbA and 49dbA your dishwasher will sit quietly in your kitchen or butler’s panty doing all the dirty work.

Each Kleenmaid dishwasher has a self-cleaning filter system to assist in the maintenance of the dishwasher’s internal plumbing.

Anti-flood, Aqua Stop protection.

Should there be a leak in your dishwasher the Anti-flood or Aqua Stop systems will shut off the water supply at the tap to prevent a flood in your kitchen. 

Extra Large capacity.

Providing adequate wash capacity for 15 or 12 place settings, depending on the model, with adjustable wash basket heights and fully collapsible wire ware for ultimate versatility, you will never be short of space when using a Kleenmaid dishwasher.

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