Laundry and Cleaning


Top load washing machines and vented dryers in large capacities for the biggest wash loads. Heavy duty and built to last with all the latest laundry technology to gently wash and dry your laundry with the utmost care. Vacuum Cleaners for efficient cleaning.

Kleenmaid Top Load Washing Machines and Dryers are heavy duty and long lasting. 

A washing machine and dryer need to effectively wash and dry whilst providing years of reliable service and that is exactly what you can expect from a Kleenmaid laundry appliance.

Extra-large capacity laundry models with convenience built in.

With a Kleenmaid laundry machine you will get extra-large wash load and drying capacities for the biggest family with intelligent programmes to adapt to small wash loads.

Programmes to dry and wash all fabric types are available including special programmes designed for allergy needs. There are also speed wash programmes for when you are in a hurry and several spin options to choose from.

Multiple and flexible washer and dryer options.

With a selection of wash water levels and temperature settings you can wash all your laundry exactly how you want.

Drying programmes for various garment types mean your drying load can be ready for you to hang, store, or iron.  Sensors allow for varying retained moisture levels in the garments to make all this possible 

Automatic programmes for washing and drying can remove all the guess work allowing you to set and forget.

Low water and energy consumption provide an added benefit for the environment and reduce your running costs.

With long 5-year warranties, the Kleenmaid Top Loader washing machine and Vented Dryer models will serve you well for years to come.

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