Premium built in and freestanding dual fuel ovens in sizes from 45cm, 60cm and 90cm. Cooking with traditional multifunction convection functions along with steam and microwave ovens all incorporating easy to clean enamels.

Choosing the best oven for how you cook.

All Kleenmaid built in ovens are electric multifunction ovens and are available in two sizes, 60cm and 90cm. The internal cooking cavities varying from 70 litres to 133 litres, so there is a size to suit all applications from a small one-person granny flat installation to a huge family celebration dinner.

All Kleenmaid ovens are fan forced and finished in our Black Krystal glass aesthetic.

There are several levels of functionality across the range with the top of the range having 15 functions including a meat probe, and cool to touch glass door for safety. Many models come with telescopic sliding shelves as standard inclusions.

There are three microwave ovens to choose from, two of which are microwave grills and one triple combi oven with microwave, steam and fan forced convention oven functions all in one.

There is also a beautifully crafted stainless steel 90cm dual fuel freestanding cooker.

Pyrolytic oven cleaning.

As opposed to using pyrolysis, or extreme heat to burn off unwanted cooking residues to clean your oven at Kleenmaid we utilise a simpler, low energy approach. The interior enamel in each Kleenmaid oven is treated with an Oleophobic, or oil repelling treatment called EzyKleenTM. EzyKleenTM enamels do not allow cooking residues to adhere and bake on. To clean the oven, you simply wipe it out with a moist cloth.

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